ALPSP Committees

All ALPSP members have the chance to serve on committees which monitor issues of particular importance to the industry. Members keep a close eye on developments and report back to the wider membership through the Council and their activities often form the basis of training courses, seminars and meetings.

Government Affairs Committee - makes recommendations to Council on policy positions and other public affairs activities.

Copyright Sub Committee  (sub committee of Government Affairs Committee) - reports and advises on all matters concerning copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights, as well as identifying future developments likely to affect the future of scholarly and professional publishing. (Formerly known as the IPRC and Copyright Committee)

North American Chapter Steering Group- is responsible for coordinating and developing ALPSP activities in North America

Professional Development Committee (PDC)  - is responsible for our comprehensive programme of seminars and other events.

Training Committee - develops and manages the ALPSP training programme 

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Government Affairs Committee
Chair: Andrew Tein, Wiley
Secretary: Audrey McCulloch

Government Affairs Committee Members

Andrew Tein (Chair) Wiley
Laszlo Fesus FEBS
Sarah Fricker (Chair Copyright Sub Committee) IOP Publishing
Victoria Gardner Taylor & Francis
Toby Green OECD
Sally Hardy Regional Studies Association
Martyn Lawrence Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Simon Rallison Physiological Society
Mark Robertson Wiley
Antje Sörensen Copyright Clearance Center
Darla Henderson     ACS Publication Division

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Copyright Sub Committee*
Chair: Sarah Fricker, IOP Publishing
Secretary: Audrey McCulloch

(*formerly known as the Intellectual Property Rights Committee (IPRC), and Copyright Committee)

Copyright Sub Committee members 

Sarah Fricker (Chair) IOP Publishing
Susann Brailey American Institute of Physics
Duncan Campbell Wiley
Sarah Faulder Publishers Licensing Society
Clare Hodder Rights2Consultancy
Allison Lang BMJ
Audrey McCulloch (Secretary)     ALPSP
Kelly Rogers Johns Hopkins University Press
Silvia Serra Wolters Kluwer
Katrin Stienemeier Springer Science+Business Media
Ruth Tellis Rights2Consultancy

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Professional Development Committee
Chair: Louise Russell, Tutton Russell Consulting
Secretary: Lesley Ogg

2013 Meeting dates:
Monday 14 January, 1pm, Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP.
Thursday 9 May, 1pm, British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS.
Friday 13 September, 1245pm (at the ALPSP International Conference)
Wednesday 25 September, 11-12 noon (Conference Call)

2014 Meeting dates:
Monday 13 January, 1pm, Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP
This meeting will now be held via conference call at 1.30pm
Tuesday 4 March (call)
Wednesday 7 May, 1pm, BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS

2015 Meeting dates:
Tuesday 27 January, 1pm, BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS
Friday 20 March, 4-5pm (call) - cancelled
Wednesday 29 April, 1pm, BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS
Wednesday 1 July, 2-3pm (call)

PDC Committee members:

Louise Russell (Chair) Tutton Russell Consulting
Meloney Bartlett Emerald Group Publishing
Laura Cox Ringgold
Laura Finn Royal Society of Chemistry
Martin Green Oxford University Press
Catherine Harding-Wiltshire BMJ
Mark Hester Aries Systems
Clare Hooper Liverpool University Press
Sabia Morrison ALPSP
Sarah Jenkins Elsevier
Kathy Law Maverick Publishing Specialists
Julia Mortimer Policy Press
Michelle Norell Safari
Lesley Ogg (Secretary) ALPSP
Ben Ramster ICE Publishing
Mary Seddon Publishing Technology
Kate Smith Wiley
David Thew David Thew & Co Ltd

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Training Committee*
Chair: Phil Hurst,  The Royal Society
Secretary: Amanda Whiting

(*formerly know as the Training Review Group)

2014 Meeting Dates
Wednesday 5 February 11am - 1.00pm 
Tuesday 8 July 10.30am - 1.00pm 

Training Committee members

Phil Hurst (Chair) The Royal Society
Claire Bedrock IOP Publishing
Janine Burr-Willans Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Siobhain Butterworth BMJ
Jessica Clark Elsevier
Iain Craig Wiley 
Alexa Dugan Wiley
Genevieve Early Taylor & Francis
Jamie Humphrey Royal Society of Chemistry
Melissa Marshall ALPSP
Kathryn Spiller Bioscientifica
Amanda Whiting (Secretary) ALPSP

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